The 18th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GCH 2020) aims to engage practitioners and researchers across the world working at the interface of novel 3D digital technologies and cultural heritage. This year, EG GCH will be run in a virtual format, organized by the University of Granada.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 crisis the conference cannot take place in the historical and UNESCO World Heritage city of Granada, whose university is almost 500 years old and, at the same time, has one of the leading Computer Sciences faculties in Europe.

The event will explore the role of computer graphics and digital technologies in cultural heritage preservation and dissemination, linking its development with other economic and scientific areas, such as conservation and restoration, or with the role of technologies in sustainable tourism.

GCH2020 welcomes presentations of projects and applications that demonstrate how computer graphics and other digital technologies could impact to cultural heritage. Specific sessions will be organized for active networking to seek new challenges and projects involving different stakeholders of the European Heritage ecosystem. Hence, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome to the event.
For the research community, GCH 2020 will provide, as always, an excellent scientific forum to exchange novel ideas and developments as well as to identify future research and application opportunities. For the practitioner community, GCH 2020 will provide a unique opportunity to feed into technical developments as well as to identify new techniques and ideas which can be transferred into practice.

The event seeks different types of contributions including:

  1. Research papers: original and innovative research (maximum 10 pages)
  2. Short papers: update of ongoing research activities or projects (maximum 4 pages)
  3. Posters: overview of activities or national/international interdisciplinary projects (500 words abstract)
  4. Special sessions on topics of interest to the workshop
  5. Panel sessions for international research projects


Contributions are solicited (but not limited to) in the following topics:

  • Digitisation of Cultural Heritage resources, such as 3D scanning, motion capture, multispectral imaging, X-ray, terahertz imaging
  • Visual data analysis, processing and fusion
  • Digital libraries, archiving and long-term preservation of 3D documents
  • Visual data analysis and modelling, including semantic-aware representation of digital artefacts (metadata, classification schemes, annotation), similarity search and browsing
  • Visualization and virtual museums, including serious games and storytelling
  • Multi-modal and interactive environments
  • Spatial and mobile augmentation of physical collections with digital presentations
  • Digital fabrication, including subtractive and additive methods such as 3D printing
  • Computer Graphics related technologies applied to sustainable tourism solutions.

Please read carefully the submission instructions and keep atention on the important dates to participate in the scientific programme of GCH2020